Bridal Consultant & Event Coordinator
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Hi, there! I’m Kat, and I’m here to help you create the perfect event! A little bit about me – I’m an Ohio native with a passion for the details. I got the idea to turn my passion into a career while I was in the middle of planning my own wedding. Between scheduling fittings and booking vendors, I started to wonder the same thing that many brides-to-be often wonder when under such pressure: Why in the world didn’t I hire a wedding planner?! But as someone who specializes in being a perfectionist, I just wasn’t satisfied that anyone else could measure up to my standard and bring my vision to life. And that’s exactly the kind of client I’m here to support.

No one knows your dream better than you do, but making that dream a reality doesn’t have to be so stressful. You’re only one person and no one expects you to be able to do it all. However, handing over those reigns can often be a challenge, and finding someone you can really trust to own your ideas is scary. That’s why I’m here to ease all of those worries. As someone who’s been in your shoes, I know how reassuring it is to find the person that you know can see you through.

I come from a communications background and minored in business management in college, where I was also a certified event planner. Since then, I’ve done events in both corporate and casual settings as a part of my professional career and have also continued my education as an event coordinator. I have a real passion and drive for what I do, so I assure you that my level of experience and expertise will put you at ease about planning your event. Let’s get started!